Earn and change lives while you sleep with Belveder.

The newest static farming, community-driven charity protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. Hold $BLVDR and earn 10% of every single transaction on the blockchain now while supporting victims of natural disasters at the same time.

Available soon.

How many Belveder ($BLVDR) tokens are there?

The overall market cap of $BLVDR is 1 quadrillion of tokens.

How much passively can I earn with Belveder and how do I help?

With $BLVDR in your wallet, every transaction on the blockchain rewards you with fairly split transaction fee (10%) going into your wallet.

Is the liquidity of $BLVDR locked?

The whole initial liquidity pool (100%) of Belveder token will be locked after the pre-sale for five years until September 2026.

Are you looking for brand ambassadors?

At Belveder, we are always striving for improvement. From brand ambassadors, to developers and team members, the recruitment phase will be announced shortly!

Natural disasters are inevitable

From worldwide pandemics, earthquakes and wildfires to tsunamis, floodings, volcanic eruptions and many more, roughly 6,800 natural disasters take place every year around the globe. On average, around 68,000 people lose their lives as a results of these disasters and an average of over $250 billion worth of material damages are recorded every single year. In order to help victims of natural disaster, 5% of every transaction of Belveder token on the blockchain is donated to charity chosen by the community.


The current development plan for Belveder is in between the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2021 (August, September, October, November, December) and the first quarter of 2022 (January, February, March). After all the criterias from Phase 1 & Phase 2 will be met, Phase 3 will continue with Phase 4 being announced afterwards.

  • Phase 1: August, September, October 2021
  • Phase 2: November, December 2021
  • Phase 3: January, February, March 2022
Phase 1
Foundation Phase
Belveder Whitepaper Platform Design & Prototyping | Business Model Validation Market | Research | Marketing Strategy Formation | Website Development | Initial Coin Offering Pre-Sale (ICO) | Official PancakeSwap Launch | Major Listings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko & CoinSniper | Referral Program | Community Giveaway | Official Marketing Launch
Phase 2
Development Phase
Belveder Token Development Program (BTDP) | Strategic Marketing Plan Deployment | Belveder Foundation Charity Project | Official Audit Deployment | CEX Listings | Further CEX Listing Applications | Business Partnership Announcement |
Phase 3
Exploration Phase
Belveder Exchange Launch | Belveder Wallet (Mobile & Desktop) | Belveder Card Launch | Belveder Platinum Token


Belveder Token

Belveder tokenomics have been constructed in order to sustain and maintain the development of the project alongside rapid expansion of the Belveder token on all the decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Belveder Smart Income Protocol (BSIP) redistributes the tokens burnt through the transaction fee into $BLVDR holders wallets, allowing the Belveder holders for additional source of income, as 10% of every single transaction on the blockchain is redistributed into the wallet of all $BLVDR holders.

Belveder Wallet

Belveder Wallet, which is predicted to be developed in the Phase 3 of the project will allow the $BLVDR holders to securely store and trade their Belveder tokens without the need of using third party token storage.

Belveder Tokenwall

Tokenwall System which is predicted to be developed  in Phase 2 prevents large wallets (so called whales) from selling the token in large amounts within short period of time, which improves the overall stability and sustainability of the token.



The 8% charity fee redistribute the tokens burnt through the tax fee into the Belveder Growth & Charity pool, from which 4% of the pool being redistributed for charity in order to support victims of natural disasters, with another 4% being redistributed towards marketing in order to raise as much awareness and increase the growth of Belveder charity actions as possible. 



The 10% reward for holding awards the $BLVDR token holders every single time a transaction involving $BLVDR is made on the blockchain. The part of the 10% is redistributed into every single wallet containing $BLVDR token, allowing the holders for enourmous passive income opportunity by simply holding the $BLVDR tokens in their wallets, meaning that the more $BLV tokens you hold, the morn money you passive earn every single day.



The 2% transaction tax allows the liquidity pool to automatically grow every single transaction in order to increase the amount of BNB in the $BLVDR liquidity pool on the blockchain with additional liquidity added from  Belveder tokens into the liquidity pool.

Giveaways & Rewards

In order to give back to the community, we have decided to implement “Giveaways & Rewards” system, in which we are rewarding Belveder holders with different range of rewards for being the part of the community.

500 active holders
Belveder Welcome Package
Official Instagram live stream, on which we will be giving away Tesla Model X (hire for 24 hours) alongside 10,000,000.00 $BLVDR tokens.
1000 active holders
Belveder Bronze Package
Official Instagram live stream in order to honour one lucky Belveder holder with 50,000,000.00 $BLVDR tokens.
5000 active holders
Belveder Silver Package
Official Instagram live stream, on which we will allow one of the lucky Belveder holders to come for 7 day sponsored overseas trip with the team at Belveder (all costs covered) alongside 100,000,000.00 $BLVDR tokens.
10000 active holders
Belveder Gold Package Giveaway
Official Instagram live stream on which we will giveaway three brand new Tesla Model X 2020 for one Belveder holders, with $10,000 worth of mysterious rewards distributed throughout another 10 Belveder token holders.


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